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A small dog lays in the grass with a ball in it's mouth. A small dog lays in the grass with a ball in it's mouth.
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August 5, 2020


A beautiful lawn is a goal for many homeowners. Some homeowners may find those lovely lawns may last momentarily, only to disappear when damage (be it pest-, weather- or child-related) sets in.

While well-established turf can be resilient, even the most well-maintained lawns can be vulnerable. Preventing lawn damage first involves getting to the root of the problem.

  • Lack of sunlight: All plants need the proper ratio of sunlight to grow. Too much sunlight and plant blades can scorch. Too little sunlight and grass may turn brown and die. Although there are shade-tolerant varieties of grass, homeowners also can explore alternative landscapes. Work in a garden bed or create a design that utilizes gravel or mulch. Avoid aggressively pruning back trees to give the lawn more sunlight in that area, as this may just damage the trees.
  • Chemical spills: Gasoline and fertilizer spills and pesticide applications in high concentrations can cause the lawn to yellow or brown in spots. Carefully refill lawn gas tanks and fertilizer spreaders on the sidewalk or driveway to avoid overflow onto the lawn. If spills occur, flood the area promptly with water to dilute. Keeping your mower well maintained will help avoid leaks as well.
  • Foot traffic: Lawns can take a pounding from foot traffic, leading to compaction and spots of dead lawn. Try to redirect the traffic elsewhere to give worn down areas a break. Aeration can relieve soil compaction. If a certain area has become the frequent pathway, install a paver, gravel, or concrete walkway in that spot.
  • Debris: Leaving a tool, kids' toys, pieces of wood, or any debris on the lawn can quickly suffocate the grass beneath and cause the lawn to die quickly. Make sure that no items are left on the lawn for an extended period of time.
The bottom side of a zero-turn mower, exposing a set of blades. The bottom side of a zero-turn mower, exposing a set of blades.
  • Mowing patterns: Running the mower in the same pattern over and over can cause ruts in the grass that lead to damage, so avoid mowing in the same direction on consecutive cuts. Avoid mowing on very hot days or when the lawn is soggy. Both can cause tracks to form on the lawn.
  • Mowers: Dull lawn mower blades can damage lawns, as can mowing too fast. Grass blades can be torn, snapped, and more, resulting in brown spots. It is always best to resharpen your blades regularly or replace them. The ROP Shop offers mower blades for both rider/zero-turn as well as push/self-propelled/mulching mowers.
  • Wildlife: Animals and insects can destroy turf roots. Animals or insects may feed on the grass from underneath its surface, compromising the lawn's ability to procure nutrients and water. Animals like moles or raccoons may feed on grubs in the lawn, and treating for grubs can alleviate torn-up turf.

Lawns can be hearty but they're also highly susceptible to damage. Even seemingly harmless things can compromise the integrity of a lawn. Understanding the causes of lawn damage can help homeowners protect their lawns. GT174888

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