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Our Team

Warehouse view of The ROP Shop team. Warehouse view of The ROP Shop team.

Or should we say, our family?

Here are the members who put the Rugged in our Rugged Outdoor Products. From our outstanding accounting, marketing, purchasing, shipping, and used parts personnel to the detail-focused listing, pricing, packing, and customer service teams. Learn more about us below!

Amy, she is one of our Shipping Associates. During the day she is a proud member of the Shipping Department, shipping items out quickly, effectively, and packing items for future orders. During the night, Amy is a web-slinging masked crime fighter.

Andrew, is our Shipping Lead, who orders supplies, prints labels, ships packages, and he makes sure packages in his department get out on a timely basis. He is also great about helping out wherever else he is needed. His favorite things outside of the shop revolve around guns and the Dallas Cowboys. He also has such a deep connection to Tyler that he knows that even though he says he likes Notre Dame football, deep down, Tyler actually loves Ohio State. The odd thing about Andrew is that he doesn't usually eat lunch, but when he does, it's the various snacks left on the break room table. Plus he does a bang-up Rosa impression from the show, "Family Guy".

Chris, our Sales Lead, helps keep pricing competitive across all the markets, while still giving customers the best deal he can. Some call him 'Mr. Plow'. He loves naps and 'Making America Great Again'. He says his youngest looks exactly like Emily, and he thinks he and Roni are going to the Olympics. Chris once ate too many Funyons and he made himself sick...he's not had a Funyon since. (115 days and counting)

Clayton, our 'Business Development Manager', works on a wide variety of projects within the company to improve processes, as well as working to maintain our compliance with eCommerce regulations. While seemingly calm and reserved when you first meet him, once you get to know Clayton, he is… still calm and reserved. Clayton also enjoys spending Friday lunch breaks with his wife and kids eating at the local McDonald's.

Connie, one of our Shipping Associates, focuses on packaging products for shipping and also pre-packing future items for shipping so that our delivery is always the fastest. When she isn't at the shop, she loves to be in the kitchen cooking and baking for her family. She loves to read and listen to podcasts or being in her garden and canning veggies. Connie is the real MVP of our shop because she's got the hookup for all of our Frito-Lay chip needs. Plus there is a rumor that she is sponsored by Rural King! Or at least she buys a lot of their shirts anyway.

David, his title, 'Online Content Analyst', sounds pretty technical but basically if it has to do with our website or social media, then it's his baby. Plus, who wouldn't love to play on social media all day and get paid for it?! What most people don't know about Dave is that he is an avid comic book collector as well as a published illustrator in both comics and children's books. He has received multiple awards for his graphic design talents and spends his spare time illustrating for his company, "Fish Without Feet", going on adventures with his girlfriend & daughter, or talking gaming with his son.

Drew, A former elementary teacher, is our Business Departments Manager and he also makes sure our branding stays consistent and finds ways to promote our products as Marketing Lead. During summer and fall, you will usually find him either camping or hunting, but in May he will most likely be spending his weekends at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Drew always manages to keep things '100%'. He also wants to make sure that anything Jeremy tells you about him is probably wrong (it's a family thing).

Duke, our Amazon Campaign Market Analyst, analyzes, and maintains data and statistics from Amazon's marketing interface. His goal is to improve campaigns and identify ways to get our name and product to our customers, discover new ways to engage with amazon buyers, and communicate with different teams to optimize sponsorships. When not a desk jockey, Duke likes running to the gym, reading, listening to Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss podcasts, and using any kind of board (skateboarding, snowboard, wakeboarding...etc). He says he's "An Asian who is bad at math and loves playing sports."

Garrett, is one of our FBA Associates. He allocates materials and inventory to be stored by Amazon and then shipped to the customer. At home, he has a ball python and his name is Apophis.

Gayla, part owner along with Steve and Landon, is also over Human Resource and Accounts Payable for both The ROP Shop and Outdoor Concepts (OCI). When she isn't working on all of that, she also oversees the Muncie-OCI store. She says her very favorite times are when she is with her 6 grand-kids.

Hayley, one of our Customer Service Associates, assists customers with finding the correct replacement parts or accessories, handles warranty issues, and guides customers in the right direction. Outside of the shop, she loves watching The Walking Dead and spending time with her 2 sons. Plus she brags that she can make a mean batch of really good kool-aid.

Ian, working as an FBA Associate, packages products for FBA (Amazon customers), as well as pulling product from the warehouse to be prepped for shipping via FBA. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, painting gaming figures, and spending time playing with his pet rats.

Jason, our Service Manager, heads up our guys in the used parts department. He does his best to ensure they do not catch anything on fire or blow up the shop in their daily duties. He is a big baseball guy that loves the Boston Red Sox. You can ask Jason any day of the year and he could tell you how many days til opening day of baseball. He also enjoys all things Jeep related. Landon used to make fun of his Jeep regularly. However, that all stopped when Landon's Polaris RZR broke down on the first hill he tried to climb. Moral of the story? Never make fun of a Jeep guy! Jason also says he used to eat ice cream every night before bed, only to discover he was allergic to dairy.

Jason, our Warehouse Lead, is responsible for all warehouse inventory and receiving. He's also responsible for maintaining a clean and organized warehouse while working with the entire team to keep things running smoothly. At home Jason runs a woodworking business called "Tiny Dog Woodworking" and is also the father of 6 kids.

Jeremy, the ROP Shop's Logistics Manager, oversees our Shipping Department, Warehouse, Returns and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) orders to ensure we are efficient and productive in getting our product out. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 kids, playing with his dogs, mowing the lawn, and watching sports. Jeremy also has an extensive Hot Wheels and baseball card collection along with autographed jerseys, not to mention he is a big Kentucky Wildcats fan...seriously, please, don't mention it. Jeremy also says that Drew wouldn't be where he is without the fine example set for him by his cousin.

Joel, our Project Associate, has been with the company since taking a part-time position as a summer job in the mid-2000s. After college, he went full time. In that time he has worked in many positions. Currently, he researches new software, processes, and much more to keep the ROP Shop on the cutting edge of the e-commerce world. In his spare time, Joel enjoys fishing, golfing, playing video games, and collecting various nerd culture items.

Kate, our Business Department Resource Associate, stays on her toes! Problem-solving, troubleshooting, and lending a hand wherever needed keeps her busy. Which is just fine by her. Time flies when you love what you do! Outside of The ROP Shop, you can find Kate reading, writing, gaming, and obsessing over cute cats. =^.^=

Kellie, our Returns Lead, is what Kellie does best. She checks in any returned items, dispurses them to where they need to go, and issues a credit to our customers if warranted. When not taking care of The ROP Shop, Kellie can be found enjoying animals and nature. This includes camping and dirt track racing. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Kristen, one of our Packing Associates, prepackages products for shipping. She also helps in shipping in order to make their workload lighter. She enjoys working out at the Crossfit gym in town, as well as listening to the Bobby Bones Show and Joe Rogan podcast. Kristen believes Connie is or should be sponsored by our local Rural King!

Kristi, our Controller, oversees our financials, and makes sure we stay on target. She works hard to ensure the integrity of our ERP system by making sure every order is properly accounted for. She is one of those weird people that loves to work out and finds aerobics class fun!

Landon, is the Owner, General Manager, and Bearded One of the shop. He runs the back-end of the business, helping generate and drive all of the great employees. He oversees the top-notch team of management and helps advise them when called upon. He enjoys watching a good game with his friends, a good bourbon, and nothing beats a nice relaxing vacation with his family. He spends more time trying to make his beard look good than is really necessary (cause it is great already). Landon says that Jason has the worst sense of direction he has ever seen. GPS on a road trip with that guy is a MUST!

The ROP Shop employee. The ROP Shop employee.
The ROP Shop employee. The ROP Shop employee.

Lindsey, one of our Shipping Associates.

Logan, our Pricing Lead Analyst, reviews pricing strategies and trends while monitoring our global competitiveness. As his family continues to grow at home, he realizes his wife, the kids, and the family dog's needs must come first. Occasionally Logan's needs of golfing, attending a concert, or catching a football game are met from time to time. Logan also has a much older brother on staff at OCI, Conor Burns. Conor often states "how happy he is to have Logan on the team."

Luis, is one of our eCommerce Content Associates. He researches products to ensure accurate information before it is listed. He also takes photos of the product and then lists the item to one of The ROP Shop's various online marketplaces. Luis is an aviation geek. He loves all things related to airliners and jets. In his spare time, he plays QB in a local flag football league.

Matt, one of our FBA Associates, sources and collects the product from stock on-hand and in the warehouse. He assists with packing and shipping products to Amazon. Matt just moved to Indiana and said, "I'm alright so far."

Melissa, a Customer Service Representative, is often found answering customer questions over-the-phone and replying to product inquiries from our various online marketplaces. While she may seem quite soft-spoken and introverted, she will inevitably say something goofy to make co-workers laugh and will likely make a reference to 'a meme she saw the other day'. Don't worry, she can assure you that it was really funny! She is also the craziest 'Crazy Cat Lady' you'll ever meet, who doesn't actually have any cats.

Michael, The ROP Shop's eBay Mechanic, tends to not say a lot since his job is to tear down and prepare parts for resale. This is right up Mike's alley since he is a car and truck nut. When asked about what he likes his response was, '...'. And that pretty much says it all folks.

Natalie, one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives, assists our valued customers with any questions or concerns they might have. Natalie loves exploring with her husband Reed. She also loves hanging out with her 2 German Shepherds, running and the only thing that keeps her going every day is her morning coffee and afternoon energy drink.

Rebecca, an E-Commerce Content Associate, creates listings for products and provides precise details through extensive research and information. Thus ensuring customers are receiving the most accurate data regarding our products. Outside of The ROP Shop, Rebecca enjoys working on creative projects at home, hanging out with her boyfriend, and two cats. She also enjoys reading and PC gaming.

Reed, our Used Parts Associate, duties include breaking down lawnmowers and power equipment into parts, cleaning said parts, and listing them on eBay. He says, "It is a great team to be part of. If you're reading this we will buy your old mower please call us." Reed loves exploring nature in his Jeep and on foot. He loves his wife and dog as well.

Sarah, is our Warehouse Resource Associate. She puts up and brings down listings for the website, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. She also lends a hand wherever she is needed. Sarah likes to play video games, play her guitar, and hang out with her Bible study group. She also likes building PCs.

Shane, the Purchasing Manager, is in charge of purchasing and sourcing all of our products. He also heads up our inventory throughout the warehouse. At home he has started a mini-farm/homestead. He also has 4 girls at home and enjoys collecting/shooting firearms. These are all tied together because he plans to be that father who sits on the porch, cleaning his guns, when the boyfriends come calling. Shane says that Tyler secretly wants to be him and even tries to look like him. Shane sometimes likes to bring his chickens to work....well sort of, they just hide under the hood of his truck and manage to sit tight til he gets into work, then they proceed to run around the parking lot.

Shauna, our Accounting Manager, pays vendor bills, processes warranties, reconciles statements, and helps with inventory control. Shauna is well known for always being cold, and will even have a heater on in the middle of summertime. Shauna can be found at the local coffee shop and Target every weekend. She enjoys her time outside the office by being with her husband (Jason F. - TRS Service Manager) and two boys making memories.

Steve, one of the three owners of The ROP Shop, is responsible for the Landscaping portion of the parent company, Outdoor Concepts. He works to keep good lines of communication open while keeping the company focused on the growth, the future, and sustainability. He loves spending time with his wife/best friend. Steve also loves working alongside his kids, and the grandchildren are GREAT! He has a passion for helping others and talking about Jesus.

T.J., is The ROP Shop's Pricing Analyst. He updates and maintains pricing across all marketplaces and developed strategic pricing recommendations to senior leadership. T.J. is a BIG baseball fan, especially the Boston Red Sox. He loves to travel and spend time with his wife and kids. He is also the more intelligent, younger-looking, but older brother to Tyler. (Post authorized by his brother, Tyler Baatz, who disagrees)

Taylor, the IT Support Lead, heads up the IT Department to ensure all of The ROP Shop's computer software, Hardware and networking is secure and up-to-date. This also includes running the Help Desk and responding to any computer-related calls for 'HELP!!'. An interesting thing about Taylor is that he once broke his pinkie finger while diving through a hula hoop. Taylor collected the data and says that Amy holds the record for the most help desk calls.

Tyler, the eCommerce Content Lead, is in charge of creating & maintaining all of our listings for each item we offer. This entails researching information, photographing, listing & making necessary edits to our listings, along with finding more efficient processes to complete these tasks. In the evenings, Tyler enjoys hanging out with friends & family, playing board games, and binge-watching some Netflix. He also likes watching his Steelers & Hoosiers! Tyler became a newly married man in 2020! One day he hopes to have as cool of a beard as his boss...but he'd settle for Shane's too. It's well known around the shop that Tyler's favorite response to any question is, "Oh do ya?"

Tyler, the FBA Lead, has the privilege of leading the best department at The ROP Shop! As Lead, he is responsible for creating inbound shipments and removal orders on the Amazon Marketplace. He also opens cases for lost items to provide reimbursements. He pretty much does it all if it has to do with the Amazon Marketplace. He is a big Detroit Tigers fan and only has cable so he can watch their games. He has known our Buyer, Shane, since middle school and once witnessed him walk into a pane of glass he thought was an open door...

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