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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) come straight from our customer service department and the customers they serve. We have answers to general questions, such as 'how do I do a return' or 'how late do you ship out each day'. We also have answers to questions for specific parts. Take a look here first to save some time!


What information do I need off of my product to ensure a part will fit properly?

We HIGHLY recommend cross-referencing with your OEM part number for most replacement parts. This is especially true for engine or electrical parts. If you can’t find it in your parts manual or on the part itself then please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help. When applicable, please include the following information in your message:

  1. Model and/or Sub-model
  2. Spec and/or Type Number
  3. Code and/or Serial Number
  4. Year
  5. Engine Horsepower

There may be some instances where we aren’t able to find your part number either. In those cases, we recommend contacting a local dealer of the brand of your unit. But please keep in mind that most parts can’t be returned once they’ve been used. If they are the incorrect replacement for your unit, they aren’t eligible for the warranty, so if you aren’t sure please let us know. We’ll do our best to help!

I’m tax exempt, how do I order without being charged sales tax?

We just need a copy of your tax exemption form. Once we have that on file, we can refund the tax on an existing order or take away the tax on an order you still need to place.

In order to start the process, please contact us by emailing your information and tax exemption form to:

How do I add 'Tax Exempt' status to my orders?

OPTION 1: If you have already been charged tax on a current order, please contact our customer support team at to set up tax-exempt status and to get a refund for the tax you were charged.

OPTION 2: If you have not already placed an order, follow this link to our Tax Exempt page. There you will need to fill out the form and upload a copy of your tax exemption form for us to place on file. We will quickly add the exempt status to your active account for you to begin ordering. This can take up to 1 full business day to process. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of the members of our customer support team at


Why does my thermal valve look different than the product shown in the picture?

The thermal valve comes already installed in the pump, in the opposite end of the garden hose inlet. If you have any further questions, contact us, and we will help you out.

Do I need a keyway for installation, and do your pumps come with one?

Yes! Our pumps are installed onto the shaft of the engine with a keyway. If a keyway is pictured in the listing, then it will come with one. You may also purchase a keyway from our shop here.

How do I find the best replacement pump for my pressure washer?

The quickest way to find a pump that fits is with the model of the pressure washer. For most pressure washers you should be able to just plug the model into our search bar and find any of the pumps that are compatible with your unit. If that doesn’t help you find anything, or you want to double check, then you can also find a pump with the bolt pattern and shaft size of your original. If you go based on dimensions, you’ll also want to make sure the inlet/outlet ports are oriented the same direction (towards the front or back of the pressure washer).

One other thing to keep in mind is that not all engines can support all PSI’s. If the HP isn’t enough to support the PSI of the pump it can overload the engine and cause it to stall. We require at least a 6HP for our 3000psi pumps and higher, a 5-5.5HP for our 2600psi and 2800psi pumps, and at least a 4.5HP for the 2400psi.

If you need any help finding the right pump to fit your needs, please reach out to us at:

Are gaskets included with the carburetors?

Only if gaskets are shown in the listing pictures. We do not carry Golf Cart Carburetors. If a gasket is not included, contact us and we will be happy to see if we carry the gasket you need.

How do I know my pressure hose will fit?

The thread that comes on our Himore pumps is a male 22 mm thread, which will not work for certain pressure hoses. If you need a quick-connect fitting or an adapter, you can remove the brass outlet tube to reveal a 3/8" female thread into the pump housing. That thread is much easier to find adapters for if needed. We carry other adapters as well, so if you need help finding one let us know!

Which replacement pump head do I need for my unit?

Our pump heads ONLY fit AR (Annovi Reverberi) brand pumps, we would need the model number that is located on the leg of the pump in order to verify fitment. If you have any further questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

I’m not getting pressure, is my pump faulty?

Most likely not. Most pressure issues can be solved with a little bit of trouble-shooting. First and foremost, make sure your keyway is inserted properly. If the pump is making a metal-on-metal grinding noise and giving no pressure then that is most likely the problem. This can cause internal damage so make sure you fix it fast!

Check your spray kit! A lot of pressure issues originate somewhere between the pressure hose and the nozzle. Nozzles do wear out so make sure you are replacing worn or broken ones. Obstructions in the gun or wand or even tears in the hose can cause low pressure.

Specific to Himore pumps (at this point in trouble-shooting if it’s an AR pump we recommend contacting AR directly), the unloader valve may be stuck. You can remove the valve by taking out the U-clip and pulling the valve out of the pump. There is a stem that comes out the back and you should be able to push it in and have it spring back out. If it’s stuck then just tap the stem against a hard surface to free it.

(Note: These tips are just for if you are getting NO pressure, they won't do much if you are just not getting enough pressure. For that, you'll need to make adjustments. Contact us, check the insert that came with your pump, or look at the FAQ pertaining to pressure adjustments to find out how to do that.)

My original pump uses a throttle cable, how do I hook that up to the new on?

Replacement pumps don't come with throttle cables because the pump manufacturer doesn't make them that way. Pumps only come with a throttle cable when the pressure washer manufacturer puts it on themselves, but they aren't necessary for the pump to function. All that does is increase the RPMs on the engine when you squeeze the handle and bring them down when you release it. It's supposed to extend the life of the engine, but you'll only notice a difference if the recommended scheduled maintenance for that engine is kept up with, and even then, it's pretty minimal.

Do I need to change the oil in my pump?

Unless otherwise instructed in the literature provided with the pump, then no. Most of our pumps are sealed units that don’t require oil maintenance. However, some do need oil changes so always check the emailed directions for AR pumps and the slip inserts for Himore pumps.

Why aren’t the mounting holes of the replacement pump sitting flush with the bolt holes of the engine?

Some models used pumps with slightly thicker feet, so the replacements don’t quite reach the same. You can use spacers and longer bolts to fill the gap. Also, if your original had a hole in one of the legs for the oil reservoir the replacement will still work just fine for it, you’ll just need spacers and longer bolts to mount it. The longer bolts will allow it to lift above that reservoir, and the spacers give the legs the support they need so they don’t break from the vibrations of the engine. Most people just use metal washers for spacers.

My engine is stalling. Is the pump bad?

It's most likely your engine is just having issues supporting the PSI. You can adjust the pressure of the pump down by holding the HEX head bolt on the unloader valve, loosening the 10 mm nut, then loosening the 17 mm nut ¼ turn. Tighten the 10 mm nut to hold the larger one in place and check your pressure. If it still stalls, you can repeat this up to two full turns. Beyond that, it’s most likely an engine problem, or you need a pump with a lower max PSI rating.

There’s a spline on my shaft, not a keyway. What pump do I need?

If you have a spline or gear on your shaft then your original pump was a strap-style (or bow tie) pump and they no longer manufacture them that way. You can remove that extra piece to free up the shaft and use your model number to find the correct replacement. You’ll install the replacement directly onto the shaft with a keyway.

Why isn’t my chemical injector working?

You’ll want to make sure you’re using either a low pressure or soap tip. The injector won’t pick up if you’re using a high pressure tip. If you are using the proper tip and it’s still not working then you can remove the brass nozzle and make sure the internal components are in the correct order. Going into the pump it should be spring, then ball, then nozzle.

How do I figure out what size tire chains/tubes I need?

You would go by the size of the tire you’re purchasing it for. Keep in mind that tire chains are made to fit multiple sizes. As long as your exact size is listed in the title or the listing description tab, our chains will fit. However, if your size is ½” off on any measurement, then our tire chains will not work for that tire.

If you have any further questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

There’s a gap between the pump and the engine. Won’t that cause a problem?

No. As long as there’s plenty of contact between the shaft of the engine and the pump for the keyway, then a little space there won’t be problem. However, if there is a gap between the engine and the bolt flange, it is important to use spacers to close that gap. It is also important to use the same number of spacers for each bolt when installing the pump.

If you have any further questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

My tires aren’t turf tires, will your chains still work?

Unfortunately, no, we don’t recommend using our tire chains on anything other than turf tires. Ag and Industrial tires have deep grooves that our chains tend to get pressed down into, which means they aren’t really doing much at that point. We recommend looking for net or diamond style chains.

Will your blade extensions work on my snow plow?

Pro-wings aren't recommended for Meyer 2 meter, Western 8 1/2", or any brand 9' or 10' plows, except Meyer 9'. They’re also not recommended for polymer plows.

How do I find the right snow shoes for my snow plow?

If you can’t verify with your OEM part number, then you can also check with the shaft length and diameter. Those will need to match your original to fit.

How do I know if these angling cylinder rams will fit my snow plow?

First, we recommend cross-referencing with your OEM part number. If you can’t find that then you can double check with the size of the stroke and the bore of your original. You can find a replacement with those numbers and if they match then they'll fit.

The clutch cross-references with my OEM part number, but the pulley is on the wrong side.

You can remove the spacer that’s in the shaft and put it on the other side. It’s a tight fit, mainly to keep the vibrations from shaking it out, so you’ll need a little bit of elbow grease to get it out and put it back in.

Please note: We would NOT recommend using a spacer that is handmade or that came off of a different machine. This would void the warranty. If you have any further questions, contact us, and we will help you out.

How do I know what size tire tube I need?

You can just go by the size of the tire. Keep in mind that our tire tubes are made to fit multiple sizes. There is a size that is stamped into the tire tube, but it’s just a reference size. If it seems like too big of a difference from your tire, let us know and we’ll be happy to double check for you.

My pressure washer pump came with a threaded water outlet, but I need a quick-disconnect. Can I install one on this pump?

Yes, most of our pumps can accept a quick-disconnect fitting. Please contact us with your order number so we can give you directions specific to your pump.

Will your snowplow light kit work for my plow?

Our light kit can be used on any manufacturer brand of plow, but you may need to fabricate brackets to accept the dual studded mounts. Also, you may need to cut the connection ends and hardwire the lights to the plow harness. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to verify what specific snowplows these will work on. The mounting system is universal, it's just the wiring harness connectors you need to check to make sure it will connect to your original. If the connections don't match, you can splice the wires and connect them that way. However, doing so would void the one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

If you have any further questions, contact us, and we will help you out.

Will your carburetor tools work for my carburetor?

With carburetor tools, we are not able to confirm what tools will work for specific models/manufacturers. We can only say that the tool will work for the specific ‘style’ carburetor. If you have any further questions, contact us, and we will help you however we can.

How to adjust my Annovi Reverberi Minimatic 4-B Unloader (AR-AR21039 - 100228) How to adjust my Annovi Reverberi Gymatic Unloader Valve (AR-AR20242 - 100226, AR-AR20400 - 100227, AR-AR22287 - 100233) How to adjust my Annovi Reverberi Minimatic Unloader SRMW - SRM (AR-AR42118 - 100246)


Can I get my order shipped faster?

Sure! Our standard shipping is always free within the lower 48 states, but we’re happy to expedite your item for a nominal fee. Just choose the option you need at checkout and it will tell you how much it will cost.

For more information on our shipping options, please see our Shipping page.

What shipping methods do you use?

We mainly use USPS and UPS, depending on the size of the item. In some cases (e.g. bulk quantities, larger used parts, etc.) we can also ship freight. For international orders, we also use Globegistics.

For more information on shipping, please see our Shipping page.

Where is my order?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, you are always welcome to contact us via the marketplace you purchased from. You’re also welcome to e-mail us at or live chat with us on our website.

If your item shows delivered but you do not have the item, please first check with other members of your household and your neighbors to see if one of them might have accepted the delivery. Then if you are still unable to locate the item, call the postal carrier and give them your tracking number. They should have GPS positioning on all delivery scans, so they will be able to tell exactly where the order was delivered and will be able to help you track down the package. If you need further assistance, please contact us!

My international order has not been delivered yet. Why is there a delay?

Unfortunately, our international shipments may take up to eight weeks for delivery, depending on the region the order is being delivered to, customs, and local postal carriers. If your order does not arrive within eight weeks, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

My order is missing pieces. How can I get replacements?

Please contact us! We will need your order number and a picture of the packaging your order arrived in to best assist you.


Turns out I don’t need this part, can I return it?

As long as the part has not been installed, absolutely! If it’s an electrical or engine part that has been installed, then no, we cannot accept it back as a return. Some parts can be sent back after they’ve been installed, but that’s a case by case situation. In some instances, we may not be able to issue a full refund. Please contact us directly with your info and we’ll be happy to see what we can do!

For more information on returns, see our Warranty & Returns page.

How do I make a return?

If you purchased through our website, please follow this link to begin the return process.

If you purchased from our store on Amazon, please use your order history on Amazon to request a return authorization.

If you purchased through our eBay or Walmart store, you may call us at 1-844- My ROP Shop (1-844-697-6774) or email us through or contact us via the marketplace through which you made the purchase. We can then issue a return authorization for your order. We will need your order number and the reason for the return in order to best assist you.

Please note: refunds for orders placed outside of (eBay,, Amazon) are processed and reflected in the marketplace in which it was purchased.


Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects on all of our items. For most of our items, we have to verify the correct replacement was purchased for your unit. If you can provide the information of the unit it was installed on when inquiring about the warranty, that will speed up the process. Some of our items are warrantied by the manufacturer, so for those items we’ll provide you with the contact information.

For more warranty related questions, please see our Warranty Information page.

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